Projects of the Group

<i>Figure:</i> Typical force-distance curve showing multivalent specific interactions. Adhesion mediated by polymers, multivalent adhesion
Contact: Georg Papastavrou,

Adhesion in polymeric systems occurs on various levels: Our research concentrates primarily on adhesion processes on the level of single polymer chains. We utilize single molecule force spectroscopy that allows determining the interaction of single... more...

Spider4www Biomaterials and bioadhesion
Contact: Georg Papastavrou,

Various techniques pursued in our research group can be applied directly towards biomaterials and bioadhesion. Spider silk proteins combine interesting properties for pharmaceutical applications. We determine the colloidal properties of spider silk... more...

methods4www Development of new techniques (SFB 840)
Contact: Georg Papastavrou,

State of the art instrumentation is essential and the development of new instrumentation or methods is often pivotal for various projects. We develop new techniques for the quantitative determination and high resolution imaging of charge distributi... more...

Electret4www Electrets
Contact: Georg Papastavrou,

The incorporation of permanent charges in polymer films (e.g. by corona charging), is a long-known effect that has many applications, such as in the electret microphone. Despite the widespread use of these materials there remain many open questions... more...

EChem4www Electrochemistry and AFM
Contact: Georg Papastavrou,

Electrochemical techniques allow for the tuning of interfacial properties in a highly defined manner without changing the bulk solution. Hence, interaction forces and ion distributions at the interface of electrodes can be altered practically insta... more...

PolymerAds4www Thin polymer films and polymer adsorption
Contact: Georg Papastavrou,

Polymer adsorption and film formation are important processes at solid interfaces, which have many practical applications. In our research we study polymer adsorption primarily by means of well-defined model systems. One current research field is t... more...