Welcome to the research group of Prof. Dr. Andreas Fery
recently moved to IPF Dresden



  • Interfaces: Responsive coatings and Patterned Surfaces
  • Interfacial properties like surface interactions, topography or chemical composition are the key for controlling wettability, adhesiveness, friction, haptics or interactions with biological objects like cells to mention just a few, most prominent, examples. It is well known, that these properties are governed mainly by nano-scale surface layers. Especially coatings based on macromolecules offer thus special opportunities for controlling interfaces: They allow realizing responsive coatings, which change surface properties in reaction to temperature, solvent composition or external fields. In addition, they can serve as construction elements for inorganic-organic nano-composites with special electronic, magnetic or optic properties. Apart from homogenous surfaces, surfaces that are patterned topographically and/or chemically are feasible. We aim at establishing both new tools for studying interfacial properties and new strategies for tailoring them for specific needs.

  • Colloidal particles: Micromechanics and Interactions
  • Colloids consist of micron and sub-micron particles in liquid medium. They are abundant in nature (blood, milk, ...) and technology (paints, food colloids, ...). A main aim in current research is to understand and control the properties of colloids on the single particle level. The links between single-particle properties and colloidal stability, rheological properties or surface interactions are so far only established for few systems. In this context, methods that allow for studying mechanics and interaction of single colloidal particles are of special importance. We are developing such tools and try to close the gap between single-particle and colloid-behavior.

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