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Physical Chemistry II - Interfaces and Nanoanalytics

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Markus, Paul; Martínez-Tong, Daniel E.; Papastavrou, Georg; Algeria, Angel
Effect of environmental humidity on the ionic transport of poly(ethylene oxide) thin films, inv ...
in Soft Matter volume 16 (2020) issue 13. - page 3203-3208
doi:10.1039/C9SM02471A ...

Humenik, Martin; Preiß, Tamara; Gödrich, Sebastian; Papastavrou, Georg; Scheibel, Thomas
Functionalized DNA-spider silk nanohydrogels for controlled protein binding and release
in Materials Today Bio volume 6 (2020)
doi:10.1016/j.mtbio.2020.100045 ...

Kuznetsov, Volodymyr; Ottermann, Katharina; Helfricht, Nicolas; Kunz, Daniel; Loch, Patrick; Kalo, Hussein; Breu, Josef; Papastavrou, Georg
Surface charge density and diffuse layer properties of highly defined 2:1 layered silicate plat ...
in Colloid and Polymer Science volume 298 (2020) . - page 907-920
doi:10.1007/s00396-020-04673-w ...

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