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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Physical Chemistry II - Interfaces and Nanoanalytics

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Development of New Techniques (SFB 840)

Project Manager

Prof. Dr. Georg Papastavrou

Project Description

State of the art instrumentation is essential and the development of new instrumentation or methods is often pivotal for various projects. We develop new techniques for the quantitative determination and high resolution imaging of charge distributions at interfaces in the SFB 840. In particular, we will establish new approaches for the in-situ preparation of colloidal probes for atomic force microscopy (AFM) and the combination of electrochemical techniques with imaging by AFM.

Besides the study of well-defined model systems with adsorbed polyelectrolytes, we examine systems from other subprojects of the SFB 840, like polymeric Janus-particles, inorganic silicate platelets, or coated colloidal particles. Other current instrumental developments include electrochemical cells for the AFM or a combination of optical reflectometry/electrochemistry.

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